Friday, September 21, 2012

we must be ready

Today I was confronted with the need to always, every single minute of every day be ready to meet the Lord.

We stopped by to pay final respects to a gentleman who passed away from a sudden stroke.  His widow kept walking over to the casket and talking as if he were still there.  She missed him already.

After arriving home tonight I got a message from a friend telling me her son's roommate had just been killed in an accident.  Another passenger, also a friend was in critical condition.  They were both college age young men.

In an instant they went from healthy young guys to the hospital and to eternity.  My heart aches for the parents who suddenly have no son, who have a funeral to plan and furniture and personal belongings to retrieve from a college bedroom.

Neither guy had any idea today could be his last day.  Age has no bearing on when we will go.

Am I ready to meet the Lord?  I have searched my heart tonight for unresolved conflict and anything I need to ask forgiveness for.

I also asked the Lord to bring to my mind everyone I need to appreciate more, to thank, to spend time with and witness to...

Life goes fast, we must be ready...

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