Thursday, September 20, 2012

reaching out

Reaching out to the unchurched is what we are about. It looks all different ways but the message never changes. The Gospel is what our world is desperately seeking, they just don't know it. So whenever I have opportunity to reach out in creative ways I get very excited! Today I got to do see this in action.

Carrie is an amazing potter!
As we speak one of the Crossroads' artists is throwing pottery in the Coffee House at Crossroads. You may not consider this 'reaching out' but I do. It gave me opportunity to advertise in our community the fact that there are Crossroads artists! People are shocked that a church embraces the arts. This creates many opportunities to explain why we consider the artists' involvement important.

I also spent some time today talking with the Director of the Art Center about future partnering with our art group volunteering at community art events. More opportunities!

Finally I heard a story from our Director of Missions, Darlene that was unbelievable... She told the story of the ladies Beth Moore group at Crossroads deciding to bring in food items to contribute to the local food bank located at Grace Episcopal Church. Food items were brought in and stacked in the back of Crossroads. Darlene did not realize they were even there for a while. The ladies that donated the food prayed over it, specifically asking the Lord to multiply their donations.

 A few days later Darlene received a call from the Grace Episcopal Church telling her that if there was any way possible for Crossroads to contribute some food (it's not our regular collection time of the year), the Kokosing Company was willing to contribute $1.00 per staple food item. And even more then that they had someone who was willing to double that offer! Darling couldn't believe she was able to tell Grace that we had items sitting in the back of our church that she would be very excited to contribute. The lady from the food bank was so thankful and said they were going to use the Crossroads food items to create a display in the front of their lobby to encourage their own people to contribute! How exciting - this is reaching out into the community at it's finest.

I am thankful once again to be a small part of this amazing ministry!!

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