Monday, September 3, 2012

my day off

This Labor Day morning we decided to drive to Ashland to spend a little time with my parents at an auction.  As always with my parents, it turned into gales of laughter, really bad coffee, embarrassing misunderstandings and on and on.

We started by arriving only to find out that dad wasn't feeling very well and would be late.  So Ron purchased a cup of coffee and almost spit it out it was so bad.  After dumping the rest out he drove off to Starbucks happy with an opportunity to get as far away as possible from the sale!

While waiting for our parents to come, we sat chatting as the auctioneer began.  

I finally noticed dad coming through the side door and waved for him to come sit with us.  My sister then took up the wave trying to get his attention.

The next thing I knew I heard the auctioneer say "I have $50" pointing toward us and then the auctioneer was saying, 'Stop waving your hands!!'  Still not realizing fully he was talking to us I suddenly noticed the sale had stopped completely as nearly 400 heads turned toward us.  I felt my face turn a hundred shades of red as I punched my sister to stop waving at dad!  I was never so glad my husband wasn't there in my life!

When dad finally got over to us and we told him what had just happened, he said he knew the auctioneer and would really tease him about yelling at his girls the next time he saw him!

Serious discussion about buying
We decided to get down from the stands and just walk around.  None of us were serious about buying anything,  we just went to be together.  (I half expected applause to break out when we left the stands!)

Below are some of the action shots!

Dad had a great idea! ha ha ha!

Surely no one would buy this hideous thing, let alone put it around their neck?  Sick!!
I wonder what goodies these once held?
We watched as people put all the things theywanted into one box!  Sneaky!

As we walked I began to wondered who had been the owner of all these things?

Were these things they had loved and worked all their life for, or just an accumulation of stuff they had bought over the years.

What had held the dolls?  Worn the clothes?  Read the books?

It always makes me realize that what we consider SO important - just ends up a pile of junk.

It was another exciting day off - filled with high-class goings on - and a whole lot of laughing!!
I had to wonder what little girl had once held these dolls?

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