Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a whirlwind

I have had a very, very busy day moving from one creative meeting to another.

  1. Staff pictures
  2. Impromptu meeting about youth worship plans.
  3. Choosing and approving all the Environmental Projection backgrounds for the weekend.
  4. Meeting discussing the updated sermon schedule.
  5. Directors pictures.
  6. Christmas music selection and discussion about video sites for Christmas support.
  7. Area worship leaders and technical leaders luncheon at Crossroads.
  8. Discussion/plan about the decorating of the gigantic communion table for the weekend.
  9. Programming meeting: planned service content and details for the next 2 weekends
  10. Discussion about our advertising strategy for our House Churches
Some of my buddies - Dan, Jamie and Jesse
In the midst of my Wednesday (which is always like this) I accomplish no work outside quickly grabbing the next meeting's notes or agenda and running down the hallway to be on time!

As I prepare to leave Crossroads, it feels I have accomplished nothing.  Then as I think back over each meeting I remember...

Area Church leaders coming together to encourage one another in fellowship!

  1. Current pictures on the website - finally!
  2. In preparation for one of my Thursday meetings - I gained great insights on youth worship!
  3. I was once again instantly caught up in worship as we tested the tempo, color and feel of the moving backgrounds and played the music for the weekend!
  4. I was very EXCITED as Pastor Tim showed us what is coming up within his teaching schedule!  My wheels are already spinning!
  5. Current Directors pictures for the website - finally!
  6. Very, very helpful discussion about Christmas prior to my next Christmas meeting.
  7. Always a blessing to meet with other local ministry leaders!
  8. I got to work with a very close friend as we discussed what would be used to decorate for communion!
  9. Always very gratifying to finish putting together our services.  This weekend will ROCK!
  10. House Churches are a tremendously important part of Crossroads, our plans are in the works to really let people know more about them!
Just because I am not leaving today with a ton of written work done or even details completely finished on all of my projects - does not mean I have not made progress. I did spend time with a lot of my closest friends and I did gain very valuable insights and vision for what is to come!

For today - even with all it's meetings - I give thanks!


Bethany Ezawa Kinch said...

I love this post! So encouraging and authentic! All the inside details make me miss home so much! Love you!

Bethany Ezawa Kinch said...

I love this post! So encouraging and authentic! All the inside details about life at the church make me miss home so much! Love you!