Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 days of adventure

My hubby and I have taken full advantage of the past 2 beautiful days here in Ohio!

Yesterday we left home at 5:00 in the morning to meet my parents and head up to a huge flee market!  I spend $1.25!  Big spender - this amount bought 3 new flashlights (to be used for the music festival camping we will be doing later this summer) and a small retro cosmetic suitcase.  Upon returning home we headed to a favorite dinner spot and on to ice cream.  My calorie count including the Amish Restaurant at the Flee market had to surpass any previous day in memory.

Today we left home at 8:00 on a rousing bike trail ride.  Of course the trail lead us to breakfast!  How convenient.  We ran a few errands and ventured on toward Lake Erie.  We sat on huge rocks along the shore and listened to the waves slosh between them.  While looking far into the distance it was hard to tell we were only at Lake Erie.  It has a way of making you feel very far away.

Our trip took us to the home of Thomas Edison in Milan, Ohio and to a really cool coffee shop nearly hidden from view as well as a small classic car show.  I thoroughly enjoyed our day as we dreamed about the things our kids will have the opportunity to do the next few years as well as how thankful we are for all of our many, many God blessings.

I have no idea why God chose to bless my life so much.  It is not perfect and I am sure many people wonder what is so great about it.  To me it is amazingly generously blessed.  I have everything I need.  Honestly, I have everything I want.  Everything.

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