Wednesday, May 4, 2011

learning and leading

I was reviewing one of our daughters Harvard final papers yesterday and this was a quote from it that I cannot get out of my mind.

 It is easier to be in control than to truly love and invest in relationships and the
betterment of others. 

I found this very convicting.

I find myself leading most of the time - both and work and in other various community involvements.

 When you lead and when you are very busy there isn't much time left to really know people, and sometimes I like it that way.  How sad that must make God.

And then I must look at the second half of the quote betterment of others...except for my family and close friends I don't know if I have the betterment of others foremost in my mind.  Or even as an intention that would affect my decision making.

How do you live for the betterment of others - by truly loving them.  And truly loving them means you put them before yourself.

I have probably learned more about how God really wants me to live this year than all the other years of my life.  Cambodia caused a great deal of change in my understanding of God's Word and it just figures, the older I get the more I learn from my kids!

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