Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rain rain go away

This picture describes our continuous - flooding - non-stop blowing - rainy, rainy April...blah

Today I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for a phone call in order to determine what I should pick up and deliver to an ill friend for lunch.  While waiting - I sat spell bound as I watched a lady get out of her car with an umbrella that she placed over her shoulder.  The problem with this was - she was facing into the wind and so her umbrella proceeded to turn inside out immediately with one wild wire support arm sticking dangerously unattached straight out from the rest of it.  She turned her back to the wind to work on her umbrella, but kept the inside-out umbrella facing the wrong way.  There was no way it was going back to it's former position.

Finally, she realized she needed to turn the outside of the umbrella facing the wind so it would return to it's former order.  It worked!  Immediately she turned back toward the wind and put the umbrella right back on her shoulder.  And immediately it collapsed inside-out.  She gave it a good shake and proceeded to return to her car.  (Keep in mind it wasn't even raining - just blowing...)

After rearranging things in the back seat she reappeared with a different huge black umbrella which she held straight over her head and it nearly came down to her chin.  This one wasn't going anywhere!

All this to say - I am ready, so ready for sunshine and the care-free sense it brings.  No shoes when appropriate, no socks, no coats, no umbrella and no planing ahead - just get up and go out the door!  The sun causes me to read more, rest more, walk more, smile more and be outside WAY more!

Hey sun "come out come out where ever you are?"   I know it's back behind those clouds somewhere!  We are waiting here in cloudy, soggy Ohio and I don't know how much longer our umbrellas can last!

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