Friday, June 3, 2011

feeling old

There are things that make me feel old.

I no longer like to ride the rides at the Cedar Point Amusement Park.

I now split meals with my husband when we go out to eat.

I switch to decaf after only 2 cups of coffee and I like naps, a lot!

They say you are as young as you feel.  I no longer like this saying.

I am in no way afraid to grow old.

I like the idea of saying anything that comes to mind, and people expect and accept it.

I look forward to wearing whatever I want regardless of season or for the matter era.

I cannot wait to stick artificial flowers in my outside pots and never pull another weed.

Anyway, time moves on BUT there is still as much to look forward to now as ever!  I have often said, I have no idea how anyone without the Lord faces the future and old age.  It would be hopeless.  But, in Him we have eternity.  An eternity with real flowers and no weeds!

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