Saturday, May 21, 2011

now I study

I have felt a deep hunger for the Lord lately.  Almost as if I'm desperate to spend time with Him.  And, just as you hear me say each summer, now I can really study!

God has shaped me so that I am very visual in my worship.  It takes a visual to teach me and to make me feel something and to remember it.  And He has gracious given me these sunbeams this morning to point me clearly toward Him...

Being surrounded by God's 'outside' touches and awakens levels in my soul that being in town or inside cannot seem to awaken.

Before we leave this morning to skype with our Crossroads orphans in Cambodia, I soak this in.  I pray for many things, our country which seems so lost right now, my own children and their spouses or soon to be spouses and my church family and their needs and recent losses.

I count it a huge privilege to freely sit here and pray for anything God brings to mind, and study His Word. No one is bothering me, no one is threatening me I am free.

I leave you now with only a short time left to study this morning - but a very visually rich time of study this morning.

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