Monday, May 30, 2011

does creativity just happen?

I wish!

Today I have spent some time pursuing creativity!  I have been networking with other 'Directors of Programming' across the country picking their brains for suggestions or events I can attend - or creative processes or meetings they attend that I could shadow or SOMETHING to take me out of my little Crossroads box...

A couple of my best contacts have recently moved on to other areas of ministry so I feel like I'm kind of 'out there'...certainly not abandoned by our teams or staff, but just kind of needing something to point me at some new things I have not yet discovered on my own.  New ways to help 'create the need' and 'reveal the Savior' to those who are seeking.  Jesus was relevant when he walked the earth, He used stories and current things that surrounded the culture to teach those who followed Him or crossed His path.  That is why I can never stop pursuing creativity.

It takes no fancy tricks or gimmicks, that is not what I mean when I discuss creativity.  Instead I long to investigate every beautiful piece of His creation, everything that people consider moving and all the vast ways to communicate with our congregation.   We are all wired differently, music speaks to some, art to others, the written word to some and simplicity to others.  So my job is to investigate as many shapes and forms of these endless possibilities as I can every week - and I feel a need recently to learn from others.  So today I sent emails and made contacts with other leaders in my position.  I am praying there will be some divine appointments made as I lay myself open for suggestions and most of all to learn.

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