Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend report

Every time the youth band leads us (each time there is a 5th weekend), I rejoice that Crossroads has such strong 'next generation' leaders emerging!  We plan to begin to add them individually to play with our adult teams as well so they gain continuous experience and are added as young adults to our main teams seamlessly.  As if they've always been there!  They are truly amazing, loving, talented and committed!

My favorite group is Gungor - So an added treat was their performance of "Call Me Out" - complete with stomping!  I enjoy them leading me in worship - and I plan to shed my headset and be in the front row during the final service!!

Our setlist:

Skit Guys: "Our Heroes"- Memorial Day video
Announcements:  Jesse Rider - Senior High Youth Pastor
Praise:  Take It All - Sublime
Praise: Awesome is the Lord Most High - Tomlin
Worship: Whom Shall I Fear - Brewster
Worship: You won't Relent - Jesus Culture
Special Music:  Call Me Out - Gungor

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