Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what I learned today

I had the privilege of beginning my day with 2 John 7 -13.  John is teaching against false teachers and false doctrine.

I have always understood that there are many bad versions of Christianity but just recently, studying combined with Pastor Tim's keen focus on doctrinal truth has helped me realize just how uncompromising we should be about every detail in our Christian walk.

We scrutinized our coming choices of worship songs last week based on correct doctrine regarding the Holy Spirit.  Tim reminded us that the Holy Spirit is one of the most often misrepresented doctrinal pieces in Christianity.  You often hear 'baptism of the Holy Spirit', correct theology says we receive the Holy Spirit the moment we come to a saving knowledge of Christ.  There is no magical second step in being somehow baptized in the Spirit.  This would suggest something more 'we' have to do to get to that point.  WRONG!

So even in simple things like our music he leads us toward careful choices with our lyrics.  Always it is our desire to never compromise or settle for 'maybe it's ok'...

False teachers or bad church theology is sometimes hard to spot.  The most frightening false teachers do not refute EVERY single doctrine,  but they often don't believe he was Man as well as God.  Beth Moore said this, "the issue of Christ coming in the flesh is so vital because we "Enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus and only by His blood".

 God designed us with 3 parts similarly: body, soul, and spirit.  He equipped us with inner longings toward Him.    This spiritual longing is perhaps what fills the seats of many churches who do not present doctrinally sound teachings.  satan loves to use the spiritual longing and still keep people blind to the only real Truth of Jesus Christ.

It's vital that all pastors know what is being taught in the children's departments, woman's/men's ministry groups as well as from the pulpit.  I am so thankful that our pastor's are strong in their theology and can spot false teachers!

The toughest people to win to the Lord are those that consider themselves spiritual - they have a veil of deceit before their eyes.  Pray for them and walk wisely and always remember that although there are many 'good' things - there is only one Eternal enduring forever doctrine - that God sent Jesus in the form of a human to die brutally and then be raised from the dead so that through Him we can become the sons and daughters of God.

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