Saturday, May 14, 2011

creative God

One of my favorite things about Crossroads is the variety and changes that never stop happening here!

The contrast between the past couple of weekends with the steel set design and services packed completely full of countless elements compared to this weekend where it's a soft set design and simple straight forward worship!  Such a blessing.

It is reflective of God's creativity and how He wants us to live.

God made a intricate, specific, unbelievably detailed creation for us to enjoy and yet also created such a simple path to His throne.  Detail and simplicity.  Both equally celebrated in His magnificent creation and relationship with us.

He could have made everything the same color, the same taste just exactly the same but gave us so many choices and variety!

I watched yesterday as gorgeous clouds passed quickly below slow large higher clouds.  Then a hideously ugly turkey vulture flew into view as a beautiful butterfly almost flew in my face!  God is amazing, wonderful, omniscient and never ending.....

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