Saturday, May 21, 2011

A morning of blessings

This morning blessed my life once again.  The precious words, broken English words that came from each orphan as they spoke to their American moms and dads was breathtaking!

I understand that the financial commitment to support an Asia's Hope orphan is a big decision but I am telling you, you cannot out-give God! And, what you get back as a family or small group or as an individual SO far exceeds what you give that you will not give it a second thought once you begin!

This video is Jim Beroth from Crossroads meeting his child for the first time and asking her what he can send to her with the next group that goes over! The rest of the orphans sit and wait for their turn to speak to their American mommies and daddies in the background!

Being associated with Asia's Hope has been one of the the most spiritually moving experiences of my life!  I encourage you as you see the brand new orphanages get built, to jump on board to choose an orphan to support.  The specific prayers for you that they pray EVERY SINGLE day are the most amazing prayers that will ever be uttered on your behalf...and as I've said before - the prayers of the orphans have to be one of the things God considers most dear - very close to His heart indeed!

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