Friday, May 27, 2011

No blog but writing

I have been behind in writing I do for a couple other websites due to a busy schedule lately, so I put my blog on hold a couple days to get caught up. Not that it takes much time to write but I have to remain focused on watching for things that spark my curiosity or challenge me in some way in order to spark the writing.

One of the websites I write for is a Canadian Drama site and I always tell them the same thing, not to feel obligated to use my writing unless they feel it will meet a need in some way. What he said shocked me, he said one lady recently said "I feel like that Lori Biddle lady must be looking over my shoulder",I was Totally shocked that my writing resonated with others in ministry.

I tell you this to encourage you to use your experience no matter how limited you feel it may be. You may be able to help others avoid some of the mistakes you have made in ministry or in business or raising kids. Who knows!

I love to write and now I am all caught up and writing again here and wondering where else if anywhere I will have opportunity to put words together...hmmm.

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