Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what I learned today

I am selfish. I know it, I work on it, I find it hard to share.

I think it comes out of not growing up in a lavish household. My parents worked hard for what we had, and believe me we had more than we needed, but, you know what I mean. Nothing wasteful, home grown food, no extravagant vacations - but, tons of love and laughs. Good stuff.

In John 5 - He talks about the fact that the slave is not greater than his master and how He chose us.

How then do we think that anything we have really belongs to us? I find myself working for the next thing to buy. I act more excited about what the next purchase is than about helping someone financially - giving to orphans as God tells us to - or even just saving instead of spending. American I guess.

He is working on my heart - everything I have is not mine and could be gone in an instant. It really, really is the desire of my heart to bless others with what He has given me - and that's what God's Word reminded me of today. Are you selfish like me?

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