Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a communion day

Today we prepare for communion, both with our programming team to prepare all the details of tonight's service, as well as personally.

As the staff broke into study groups our text was I John 1:9. How appropriate.

Asking God to continuously reveal sins in our lives takes intentional focus. Confession is of course not a one time deal - but CONTINUOUS.

One line from the "Lessons on Assurance" booklet we were using was something I still haven't quit thinking about. "...honest confession must include the willingness to forsake the sin." I found this very troubling to be honest.

I thought back on how many times I have confessed similar sins and then fall right back into them. Does that mean I didn't completely forsake that sin? I think it does. How patient our God is as we CHOOSE to remain in our sin and is in fact a choice to remain there, not easy by any means, but a choice none the less.

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