Wednesday, May 26, 2010

assume too much

I am often guilty of assuming too much! I assume everyone else already knows all the pertinent details and go on my way wondering why no one is following. Good leaders instruct thoroughly.

I am trying to get better about putting first things first but I sometimes still move too fast, talk too fast and get there too fast, alone.

Today - prime example of assuming too much.

I was writing several birthday cards to our Crossroads College Small Group - I wrote extensively about how we have been praying for them this year at school, and then went into great detail about the Summer College Bible Study at Pastor Tim's house. On and on I wrote feeling really good about communicating with a college kid, wondering if this card would have any influence in getting him to attend the summer group. I re-read the card to make sure it made sense and reached for the envelope. Just as I was ready to tuck the card in, something caught my eye. I had just written a happy birthday message on a sympathy card! Can you imagine if this kid would have received this?? Chances of him attending the group would have been slim indeed!

I would encourage you all as I encourage myself, slow down, focus and do not assume too much!

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