Friday, May 14, 2010


(I am nearly done updating my blog. Change is good! I hope you like it.)

I was thinking about all the ways my job has changed over the past 14 years and one of my most favorite opportunities with my position here at Crossroads is that I get to dream about our future. I pray for the Lord's direction and begin the search exploring what might be a blessing to our congregation.

I search for new opportunities to bring in guests, or add things at Crossroads that help our congregation to become familiar with authors, musicians and teachers that help facilitate their maturity in Christ! This has been such a blessing and learning experience for me. Second only to the creation of our services and face time with our artists/musicians-vocalists/actors, this segment of my job is my favorite.

We have several new things 'in the works' that should really be a exciting for our congregation should the Lord work out the details. Please keep praying for our staff as we all work together to lead our congregation toward the Lord!

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