Sunday, May 16, 2010

wedding preparation = my life

Saturday morning we jumped out of bed and headed for Amish country. We got amazing deals on flowers at "Sunny Crest Farms" on Rt. 13.

It was time to fill the pots that will be used at our daughters wedding this summer. We just bought white flowers and lots of green so as to enhance a very natural setting.

It is SO different preparing for an outside wedding vs the simplicity of a church wedding. You have to plan WAY ahead for every single detail! I am not downplaying the preparation that goes into a church wedding but we are planning mulch, planting, barn painting, step building, dance floor in our field, ceremony site 'stone flooring' as well as considering 'what does the side of our house look like' from the view of the woods...exhausting. BUT - I am loving the planning! I am getting really excited for sure!!

Would you share any tips you can give us for our preparation?? Anything you wish you had done differently or anything specific to an Ohio outdoor wedding?

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