Monday, May 10, 2010

I long to wander

In the book I am reading the author says this, "there is nowhere lonelier than a million-dollar condominium in a vast metropolis." Such a contradiction to what you would think would be true. How can it be lonely surrounded by tons of people in a metropolis with a lot of money?

I have been talking to several young adults recently who really believe that at least for now, God is calling them to move. Simply to follow Jesus n0t sure where, not sure when. This intrigues me and as I talk to them I begin to wish I could wander. Just take off walking - just follow.

Where would I walk - where would I end up? Could this be pleasing to God? Why does it seem that God is much easier to find in the wilderness than He is in the midst of all of our mess, business and stuff? I wonder if He ever intended us to live this way, with so much, so self sufficient and so surrounded.

The closest I come to wandering is when I meet a need or give something unplanned or move from the regular. It's then I feel I have momentarily at least broken free from my metropolis and literally followed Him...

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