Wednesday, May 19, 2010

opposites attract

I just witnessed the most opposite groups that could possibly be in one church.

First I watched Brace in the youth area. This is a young excellent band I have been anxious to see - they were great! Then as I left the youth area I passed the 55+ group...

Line dancing with taped music was going on in the 'older' room - they danced in perfect unison! ...(ok so I'm not so far from that myself I HEAR YOU!)

It just struck me about how opposite these two music genres were although they were both under one roof. Opposite in age, opposite in style and only one thing in common - the church and their common belief in Christ!

It was a great night to actually see the differences and embrace them both! God loves variety based on the nature He created - and tonight I witnessed His church full of opposites, yet all one!

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