Monday, May 3, 2010

one thing after another

Wow! I thought small kids made my life busy...young adults are even busier!

I feel blessed beyond anything I could possibly write describing our kids and their latest accomplishments.

Saturday morning we had the privilege of watching both of our kids graduate from college. This blessing came straight from the throne of God. He provided the means, He provided the ability and He provided the unique personalities that drive both of them toward His perfect will for their lives.

None of us ever stop preparing for following God's will. We must be ready - educating ourselves for serving Him wherever we are called, growing in our Biblical knowledge and by taking spiritual maturity steps every single day.

This weekend will remain in my heart forever as one of my favorite, one of my most proud moments and perhaps the most thankful I have ever been since their birth and since I married my husband! Great weekend indeed!

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