Friday, May 7, 2010

troubling times

I haven't watched any TV since the last CAVS game.. It has been nice.

Tonight my hubby had the news on and I heard bits and pieces as I cooked, including the fact that Greece's economy may totally collapse. The news went on to talk about elections that took place in a couple of other countries and the consequences of some of those results. And then they talked about how America is moving toward a Socialistic government and on and on!

I walked by and saw pictures of the devastation due to the flooding in Nashville - it was horrible. I was praying for them and wondering where I would stay and how I would feel if it were my home and all my possessions that were gone. I would like to think that my faith would be unshakable and that people would ask me for prayer and help because they would know there was something different about me. There is of course no way of knowing for sure how I would react.

How about all of you...when life gets tough do you think people see a supernatural confidence in you despite circumstances? Or do you look as scared as everyone else?

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