Friday, May 21, 2010

eating wisely = tasteless

I am trying to eat healthier. This is not easy for me.

I LOVE to eat and I LOVE good tasting food. I just opened a bag of Veggie crisps. A product that my daughter raves about. I didn't taste anything. Seriously - they didn't taste like anything!

So how do you eat well, can anyone tell me? Does it mean forfeiting all taste? Eliminating all pleasurable eating completely?

Sadly when something doesn't have a satisfying taste I just keep eating. So suddenly a snack that has a very reasonable calorie count becomes another negative as I nearly devour the entire bag trying to satisfy my craving.

What do you suggest- what has worked for you?

I do care about my health, but I think if I keep this up I may die an early death from lack of enjoyment in eating.

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