Saturday, May 22, 2010

weak spots

Doesn't Satan just love to tweak our weak spots. Guess it makes sense that he cannot bother us much in areas we are strong in the Lord.

If I could always remember this and remain in what I 'know' rather than what I 'feel' I would save myself a lot of discouragement.

I John 3:18 - 22 This passage encourages us to be confident in God. Not to just love and talk with our tongue, but in deed and truth.

When we get discouraged chances are we are relying on how we feel at the time. That is all us! When we live truthfully and honestly before the Lord our heart will not condemn us. When it feels like God isn't giving any answers to our questions - this is the time we grow. Testing and silence produces Godly maturity. These are the hard times....waiting. When I feel discouraged I try to force myself into the Word and prayer, even though it is the last thing I want to do sometimes. That is just honest.

Beth Moore says this, "The answers God is willing to give us in our tomorrows often flow from our faithfulness when we have none today." Powerful!

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