Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just as I had begun to work on Friday the theme song from the Rocky movie blasted through my office telephone intercom. Next I heard the call for the office 'weigh off'' to begin. 4 of my favorite counterparts jumped into gym shorts and headed off to our Senior Pastor's office to weigh in. This weigh in would bring the month long competition to an end. No more taunting, no more tempting, just a winner and three losers.

There was tension in the air, much was at stake, a prize, bragging rights and honor!

As one guy after another stood on the cold, hard, scale we all held our breath. (Ok, so maybe we held our breath due to the bare feet)...anyway, we all watched with great anticipation. And soon a leader emerged.

One lost 13 lbs - a great accomplishment, another lost 13 1/2 lbs- a slightly greater accomplishment, another lost 15 lbs - a fantastic accomplishment, but the winner lost 22 lbs. in one month! Crazy good! The winner was Wendell! Our Stewardship Pastor!

We all congratulated Wendell, then we all went out and ate cheeseburgers and french fries to celebrate!

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