Monday, August 31, 2009

my day off

It has been a relaxing day off! Went to leasurly browse at my favorite store Gabriel Brothers, picked up a few things at a couple other stores and mostly was just home!

I spent some reflective time trying to grasp everything that went on at Crossroads this weekend...I am overwhelmed that God would bless us with such great guests and opportunities.

The possibilities with the Satellite broadcasts we can provide for our community is very exciting! As I recapped the events in my Elders Report today, I was blown away by the evaluations I looked over. Crossroads hosted 34 different churches at the Beth Moore event - when does that ever happen? About 1/3 of the ladies that attended the Beth Moore event, turned in evaluation forms, but out of those 19 Crossroads' ladies recommitted their lives to Christ and 15 ladies from other ministries also recommitted their lives! Now, that could definitely have impact in this community!

Then as I thought through Nancy Beach's impact I heard the words ring out "Wow"! Nancy encouraged our congregation to 'see' the miracles and opportunities around them. She asked us to slow down and enjoy the "wow" moments and things that God created, including us!

Beginnning last night as I was cleaning up in my office, one volunteer at a time passed my office and yelled "Wow" at the top of their lungs! OK, OK so the message was amazing, but say wow to God not me!! ha ha I even got a Wow text today! Well, I guess that just proves everyone was listening, and for that I am thankful! And for Nancy's tremendous ability to stir our souls I am thankful!

I have enjoyed today, a true day off!

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