Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what I learned today

At Small Group tonight, we discussed how difficult it is to understand how anyone can think the universe was formed by a blast or by chance. People talked about the meticulous way that God placed each and every planet at the exact distance from the sun and in the perfect orbit to survive. And then we talked about the fact that this amazing creator placed within each of us a void that could only be filled by Him.

We talked about eternity and how insignificant this time is that we are here on earth in comparison. And we marveled at why He values a relationship with each of us.

These are some of the many mysteries of our God. And tonight was a great time of sitting quietly before Him, worshiping Him with our discussion and delighting in Him. I learned today that the most important thing is not to just learn another fact, but instead, to become completely overwhelmed by my amazing God!

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