Friday, July 31, 2009

slow service

Do you get mad when you receive poor service at a restaurant?

A group of us went to a local semi-fast food restaurant for lunch today. At least we thought it was fast food...An hour and a half later we got our cheeseburgers. Very tough on our schedules.

We were not the only dissatisfied customers, table by table began to complain. Some demanding refunds, free desserts, a variety of requests. Some were treating the poor waitresses very disrespectfully. We remained very patient although it was a terribly disruption to our day.

When you are a paying customer purchasing a meal, you rightly assume that you will be treated as a valued guest. When that doesn't happen it can be very upsetting.

So how do you respond in this situation? Even if you ask for a refund or mention your disappointment to the waitress or manager are you kind and respectful? Have you had similar experiences and acted in a way that you later regretted?

Please leave a comment about a time when you experienced 'bad service' and how you handled it. Don't be shy!


Scott Stoops said...

I don't have a time in particular in mind when I had bad service though, like everyone, I've experienced that. The point is well made that what shows the character of Christ very clearly is how we respond in these situations. Getting upset isn't going to change things at all. Perhaps we should pray for grace for those offering the service.

Steve Browning said...

I think you know what I have to say...Burger King! Twenty years of bad customer service stopped me from going back. And I haven't been back in almost ten years. But now I am beginning to think there is a new Bad Customer Service King in "The Mansfield News Journal." But these are stories for my own blog. :)