Saturday, August 8, 2009

outside alone at night

Do you like to be outside alone at night?

If I am stationary I do, such as sitting in a familiar place. Walking through dark places, or unfamiliar areas - no way! Big chicken here.

I wonder, based on my faith in God, whether I should be more brave then I am? After all He knows the appointed time I will go to be with Him, so nothing I do will change that.

If we really believe He is sovereign can we move freely through our lives, even taking chances?

As I write this I am sitting outside on a balcony. It's pitch black out, I can hear the night sounds, but I feel safe since I'm up off the ground. I admit if I were down at ground level I would feel more uneasy...

Are all of you reading this super careful where you go and when? Do you take precautions and avoid being out at night? I would love to know if you think we can do anything we want and still expect God's protection? Talk to me my friends!

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Scott Stoops said...

First, I love being outside at night as well. I don't need to be in surroundings that are familiar to enjoy the night.

Can we do anything we want and still expect God's protection? No. We can and must take risks. We will not grow (and neither will the kingdom) if we don't. But God also tells us to act wisely. Some risks are just plain foolishness.

Having said that I think that most Christians take too few risks. They do not see much of God working because they do not go where he wants them to go. The places of great things are the places of risks.