Thursday, August 13, 2009


I appreciate all of the Magnification volunteers more than I can ever say.

Today, as I arrived totally confused about what to work on first a dear friend and great volunteer came to the rescue! I thank Deb so much for her help today!

One of the main things I love about Crossroads is our commitment to empowering volunteers to help run the ministry. Compared to most ministries our size we have a really small staff, and based on the amount of events and services we have coming up this fall, it's feeling smaller all the time! So we place a high value on our volunteers!

I loved all the volunteer experiences I had in ministry before going on staff, well except in children's ministry, but that was not good because I WAS NOT GOOD at it! Definitely not my gifted area!

God expects us to serve one another, He gifted us to each bring our uniqueness to the ministry, to serve others as only we can do. How sad when there is a position not filled in our ministry when I know full well that someone possesses each of the gifts that we so desperately need! Thanks to all of your who obediently serve - you understand the joy that God gives when we do what He created us to do! Thank you so much.

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