Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what I learned today

I was reading in Acts 1 today. Can you even imagine being witness to Christ's ascension? I have no idea how I would have responded. I think I would have laid on the ground and cried all day! Verse 12 says , "it was a Sabbath day's journey" for them to return to town, which equals about three-fourths of a mile - according to Beth Moore's writing on this topic.

So how did no one else see the ascension? Isn't that weird? Of course God can do anything He chooses, so he could have wrapped clouds around Jesus so only the disciples standing there could see him from the front. Or He could just cause every single person nearby to look the other way! Amazing!! I wonder if the men that saw Jesus ascend ever asked others as they returned to town if they had seen anything unusual?

It's also amazing that he used just a few men. This should give us great hope! A few men changed the world. I so want to be used like this in my town!

So what do you think? Can God use us to create the kind of impacting change that these men in Jesus' day were used for? I feel our greatest opportunities for Christ lay in the days ahead. People are desperate, they need to know our Savior more now then ever.

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