Thursday, August 27, 2009

cool conversation

informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk;

Sounds harmless. Not always so. It takes at least two. From my office today I heard many conversations - some were casual, some were serious, some hilarious!

I had lunch conversations, phone conversations, programming conversations, loud and soft conversations. They all took time, they all took thought (OK, maybe not the one with Deering)

Then this afternoon Steve and I got to participate in a conference call conversation with Rebecca St. James' father, the publicist and other people associated with her tours. They were amazing to talk with and Steve and I left that conversation with a feeling of amazement for what God is allowing us to participate in. To hear them describe the events that Rebecca has been leading was so exciting!

Conversations are not always full of great news as ours was today.

Conversations can be many things. Mine today = conversations I needed to have, conversations I wanted to have, conversations I shouldn't have had and conversations I never got to have.

Tomorrow will also be a day of conversations, instructing, praying, directing...I pray for God to lead me into conversations full of eternal significance as we host the Beth Moore event. What a privilege it will be to work with all these women tomorrow evening! May all our conversation bring glory to Him!

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