Sunday, August 9, 2009

weekend report

I was not at Crossroads this weekend, but with such amazing staff and volunteers all was excellent! It was week 2 in the Old Testament Southern Style - focusing on Noah.

Here is the Setlist:

DRAMA/VIDEO: Look Who's Listening - we purchased the Willowcreek drama and video taped our actors performing it to begin the service setting up the announcement guy to advertise our outdoor baptism. Although taping it required additional work, we just didn't have enough actors available to perform it live this weekend. Too many vacations!


WORSHIP:King of Majesty
For All You've Done
We Fall Down


INFO FROM THE PASTOR: Pastor Tim needed to talk about a couple of things - a new Community Food Band event that he wanted us to participate in and he also wanted to encourage Baptism participation as well. These occasional special announcements coming directly from the Pastor carry a lot of weight!


MESSAGE: Noah and the Flood

VIDEO: Flood Initiation

MESSAGE continues: Noah and the Flood

EXIT MUSIC: What Noah Knew

Sounds like a great weekend - cannot wait to watch it tomorrow afternoon at

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Anonymous said...

There's some good preaching stemming from Noah. Who does We Fall Down? The title is familiar, but I'm not sure which song it is for sure.