Friday, August 14, 2009

no rules

I have been with several groups of people recently that seem to have no rules to live by.

People who are going through their lives with little or no moral compass, just doing as they please. They are not bad people, they are not hurting anyone else, but they are doing whatever they want to.

Relationships - no boundaries; commitment - none; spiritual maturity - no interest. And they all claim the name of Christ. I don't get it. I see no difference in their lives and those I know who do not claim the Lord.

This bothers me tremendously. I care about these people.

Of course only the Lord knows where they stand with him - judging them is not my intent. But, their lives tell others that there are no rules, or absolutes. Everything is gray.

I wonder when God looks down if many of His children look an awful lot like those He says He knows not?

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