Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend report

Well, I survived one of the craziest weekends in a long time!

I am so crazy patriotic that I was really excited about the opportunity to honor our Veterans. So, we began our service with LeeAnn Rimes version of "God Bless America" during which we ran a picture collage of our own Crossroads Veterans! People loved it.

Next Dan one of our worship leaders, transitioned us into worship. Can I just take the time to say how much I value both Dan and Milo, our two worship leaders. They are such a blessing to serve with. Dan and I have actually worked together at two churches. I was on the vocal team and played keyboards at a Lexington Church with Dan for about 3 years before Dan headed to Crossroads. I later joined him in 1996 and the rest if history!

Hannah, pictured on the left was the newest member on the praise team this weekend! Welcome Hannah nice job this weekend!

Jon Pierce, pictured on the left of Dan is our IT genius! I get to share him with IT to use his talents in the Tech Dept part of each week. This weekend Jon called all the cues and helped with all the Tech details, man, was he busy!!

As worship came to an end we transitioned into our thematic portion of the service with the drama "Problem of Perspective" featuring two of our newest actors, Stephanie and Jeff. The cast was rounded out with Doug playing the psychiatrist (Doug pictured with coffee). People laughed and laughed as they portrayed each spouses spin on the same conversation. It was fun to see how differently husband and wives perceive the same situation. Job well done!

Next, Pastor Tim delivered a home run message full of great illustrations and of course marriage jokes; He finished by teaching us guidelines for successful marriages from God's Word.

We had to add extra chairs and ended up with almost 2,500 people for the weekend! Wow, everyone's hard work really paid off! God was so good!! Our current weekend services will be up on the web by Monday evening at

To see what other ministries did in their services this weekend go to Sunday Setlists at Fred

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