Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rick's voice

I value voices. I listen to everyone that talks to me differently perhaps than most people listen. I have an appreciation for good voices because I need good voices for many of the projects I create. But I value most of all a voice of wisdom and experience.

Did you ever meet someone that you just feel like you've known forever? That is how Ron and I felt about Rick Muchow, Saddleback's Worship Pastor. I thought I would be very intimidated and nervous, not so. He put us at ease from the moment we met him. The entire Magnification team felt the very same way!

The weekend was exactly what our teams needed, a wise, experienced voice. Rick spoke to us on Saturday morning, reminding us what worship really was. Worship is not just the music portion of each service, but instead the entire service, every element. It also includes our preparation, what we bring to each service, our attitudes, spiritual preparation as well as rehearsal.

In talking to Rick later, I asked him how he was able to lead the incredible amount of Christmas Eve services at Saddleback Church. He said he would begin immediately upon returning to California to not only prepare musically but physically. He would be working out more and getting ready to give his best to each service. I never thought about how being physically in shape would make services even better, it just makes sense. Many practical things he mentioned were so helpful.

It is amazing how quickly you fall into routines, Rick pointed out that the way you rehearse, is the way you will perform. Habits are created at rehearsal. If you want to have good stage presence, smile and imagine you are leading an audience even when there isn't one. Rehearsal has to be the place that you practice leading, not just the words and notes to songs. I could go on and on.

When I asked Rick to come it was so our teams could hear a new voice, an experienced voice. A voice that God has used to lead thousands of people through faithful obedience to his calling.
A call Rick cannot deny because he lives a life to serve his God and to serve God's people.

Rick's voice changed us, and we are forever grateful.


Here is a link to Rick's performance of the song Depend Upon His Love at Crossroads!


These are additional pictures taken while Rick was here: We took him to see the Carousel Works. We discovered they were refinishing some of the carousel pieces from the Central Park Carousel in New York. Rick remembered sitting in the chariot when he was a young boy in New York! He enjoyed reminiscing while looking at all the amazing carousel creatures being created and restored.

Thanks for coming to Mansfield

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