Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my day off

Well.. let's see...we went to breakfast like we do almost every Monday at Rise and Dine.

We are so busy we haven't done many updates at home for quite a while. But, today we went and got tile samples for our bathroom as well as paint color samples. I'm very excited to begin!

Then late this afternoon I went to Jackie Crawfis' house to help prepare and serve a dinner to Crossroads' Apples of Gold group. This group is made up of young married girls and teaches them how to make their marriages strong.

As always, the food was over the top good and organized in a way that rivaled the last cruise I went on. The assembly line began with appetizers and salad and it went on and on from there! My husband Ron dished up the soup and got everyone served quickly.

Greg and I were soon busy washing dishes - our job at each Apples of Gold dinner.

This program works so well because it connects older mentors with younger women who need the knowledge they have to offer. They encourage the girls to grow both in their love for their husbands as well as for their Lord.

This group is an amazing way to not only help couples but also a great way to connect young women to each other at Crossroads. I am thankful for the mentors that feel called to this ministry, and I am glad to help even a tiny bit with my dish washing, as each session comes to an end.

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