Wednesday, November 5, 2008

friends or foe

The question will forever remain unanswered, unless of course I place a hidden camera in my office.

Seems there must be a device somewhere in my office that notifies the guilty party each time I leave, so the culprits called friends, fellow staff members, my support system, let's do life together in ministry, I feel your pain, comrades, can move in and destroy my meticulously organized office. (OK, so that's a SLIGHT exaggeration!) At any rate, they make it worse!

When I least expect it, and have the least amount of time to deal with it, the Crossroads perpetrator moves in for the kill, or in this case, the mess... this time it wasn't relocating every picture on my wall, it was decorating my computer screen with all the sticky notes I was trying to work my way through!!

Do any of you have jokers in your office? Do tell so I can share in your pain! Leave a comment.

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Scott Palmer said...

You're certainly not alone. I've had my mouse buttons switched on numerous occasions and even had my desk TP'd. I'm not without blame myself though. I've super-glued my warehouse clerks items to his table and suspended his label remover in Jell-O. Good times!