Thursday, November 20, 2008

connecting generations

Last night was amazing. I have mentioned in previous articles that we created a college student group in our data base. Well, the group became real last night.

We packed our first shipment of care packages intending to encourage our Crossroads students as they prepare for finals, what happened instead ? The moms were encouraged! We introduced ourselves to one another and talked about where our kids were in college, and connection happened. We traded stories and all were blessed.

One mom shared with me the week before, (a lady I only know because of this group), that her son has wandered far from God. I told her, "he won't know what hit him, we are going after him!"

After our conversation took place this dear mom attended a training at Crossroads this weekend where she just happened to sit by a mom who has a wonderful Christian son 2 floors above the wayward son. Wow, what a coincidence! NOT! The plan coming out of that encounter: the Christian son is contacting the wayward son inviting him to study with him because just by chance, NOT, they found they are in the same class!! COOL!

To end the stuffing of the care packages, we laid hands on all the boxes and prayed for our Crossroads kids. We are going after the next generation!

Connection is so easy if we just identify needs that are already natural areas of focus in our everyday lives. It isn't Rocket Science!

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