Saturday, November 15, 2008

balance required

I recently was challenged by an article I read asking the question, "who is in your contacts?". The article went on to challenge everyone to include unchurched people. Man, that hit hard. I don't know if I have even one person that is not currently involved in church in my contacts on my cell phone!

Jesus lead a life of balance. He divided His life between time spent in prayer to His Father God seeking wisdom, worshiping God and making requests. Jesus spent tons of his ministry time on earth with the lost, as well as time with people considered in their communities to be outcasts! I have always considered my involvement with ministries that make the unchurched feel welcome, with ministries that put teachings in common language so anyone can understand God's word to be enough to fulfill my involvement with the lost. I guess I tried to convince myself this was enough, instead of personally reaching out to the lost.

I confessed this to the Lord after reading the article and asked that He show me what I should do to correct this. I asked Him for balance.

No lie, one day later a waitress I know from our ministry approached me at the restaurant where she works and invited me to a dessert exchange with 6 other girls I do not know. I told her I'd check my calendar immediately and let her know by tonight. Time to do baking would be involved. Now comes the balancing part. This potentially could be one of the busiest weeks of my life, sooooo, is this a God opportunity? Something I cannot miss? Maybe...I think it could be! Pray for me to have wisdom please. God does work in mysterious ways!

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