Friday, November 14, 2008

out of my comfort-zone

I know, I know, God never promised we would be comfortable when we follow Him. But, I could not have been further out of my comfort zone than today! The local TV station wanted to do an interview in regards to next weekend at Crossroads when Rick Muchow comes from the Saddleback church in California.

I had it all figured out, we would fire up the screens and lights in the auditorium, I would get the worship guys practicing on stage, and put Rick's picture up on the side screens! That's what I'm paid to do, figure things out, prepare details! I even coached Dan Fleming, one of our worship leaders on what to say, thinking it would make the most sense to interview him. It will be the worship team that benefits the most from Rick's visit, so logically Dan is very excited about him coming.

Mark... She should be REALLY excited about the opportunities that God is giving her. Now, back to Lori.> Get off my computer Mark! (if you look back in my older blogs you can see what happened the last time mark stopped by my office uninvited!)

So where was I before being so rudely interrupted, oh yeah, I suggested when the TV
station arrived, that they do a group interview since it takes all of us to make our services happen each weekend. But, no, he wanted to just interview me. My throat shut down, ( I have dysphonia in my throat- which means the vocal chords have spasms), I about died. But, I knew I had to, so I said a prayer and am still praying that the interview made sense. My prayer is that God uses this to bring anyone that would be blessed by Rick's leading to be here next weekend. I am indeed willing to be uncomfortable for my God!

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