Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hey, just a heads up, the audio is so bad on this past weekend's service on the web, that I'm going to pull it off as soon as my guy Steve gets in. Of all the services this year that I wanted to be excellent, this praise and worship is not a good enough mix to broadcast. So it is coming down.

If Steve has the time to edit pieces out of it, we will do some fade outs as Rick's solo parts come to an end and the team comes back in.

To my amazing teams: THIS IS NOT HOW IT SOUNDED IN THE HOUSE! You rocked!! Something got messed up in the recording of the service. No one is more disappointed then I am.

Maybe we would have gotten all proud and arrogant if we sounded great with Rick! ha ha!! Anyway, tune back into our web site tomorrow, and hopefully we can put something up that gives people of glimpse of Rick's greatness and our team's true fabulous sound!

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