Saturday, March 30, 2013

in darkness hides

This morning it was with great joy I woke up to sunshine!

As Vern and I headed outside, I noticed how all the grass was brightly lit and already looking a little bit more green.  All the grass however except the grass still hidden in the dark shade of the trees.

It brought to mind how evil tries to stay hidden in the darkness, clinging to the last little bit of shade, a place where no one sees.

Pastor Tim's Easter message at Crossroads speaks to all who are trying to hide the mistakes and sin they've made in their lives.  Hoping desperately that no one ever sees.

It's time to no longer hide. 

Just as the sun eventually reveals the last remaining bit of frost hidden in the darkness, so the Son of Man exposes our sin but He doesn't just reveal - He offers Himself as the sacrifice and forgiver of our sin.  Move from the darkness to the Light this Easter weekend!

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