Wednesday, March 20, 2013

more new things

Ecclesiastes 1:9    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Just because something is new to me, something is happening for the first thing in my life, does not make it new at all.  It's happened before, it's been experienced before, it's been created before.

What has been will be again.  

I was wondering if working just to accomplish something that someone else has already accomplished was worth the effort?  The answer is yes!

My job is to do whatever needs to be done for now, for here just one day at a time.

Recently I am experiencing all kinds of new things, new to me! I'm watching my kids, now young married adults discover new things.  I'm watching our son and daughter-in-law discover all kinds of new things related to their first baby!  I'm watching our daughter and son-in-law deciding between many options before them.  I'm watching Crossroads bust out of here and head to many new locations around our community, and it is definitely a time of more new me.

What is also true about new things - is there is no new sin that God has not already seen mankind commit.  In regard to sin - the only thing new is God's never ending mercy every day!  Why He pours out new mercy on us is something I don't understand.  I would grow tired of the same mistakes, the same bad choices and the same disregard for my instruction quickly.  But He, the God of the universe watches us sin and still He reaches down with Jesus to us in the middle of our old repeating sin.

Perhaps the only truly new thing then is God's forgiveness everyday.  How amazing!

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