Friday, March 22, 2013

out on the town

Tonight my hubby and I enjoyed a luxurious night out on the town...or in the country...or whatever!

The Farmers Town Institute play was our destination.  We all know it's simply impossible to watch a play or movie without snacks. And since I know the location to which we were heading didn't sell snacks and knowing my brother and his son and various other relatives would be there, I emptied my purse and stuffed it full of snacks and off we went. 

First we visited Uncle John's Restaurant down on 'the square'.  We had heard great things about it and decided to give it a try.  I'm not sure what hubby ordered - as you can see it appears they simply piled on everything they had back in the kitchen!  I loved their salad!  We will definitely go back - if we live from overeating. 

Next we headed to the play.

The program we were handed said the "117th year" of the Institute, I wasn't sure if the yearly play had been going on for 117 years or if the institute had just been around that long.  I've been attending since I could walk - always getting a small bag of candy to take and arriving early so we could sit in the front row with all the other little kids.  Great memories!  Tonight we attended just to be with my parents.

The play didn't hold my attention but the fascination of watching a tiny community come together to create something did.  It took scenery painters, and stage hands, and actors, and people gathering door prizes.  The place was packed, they laughed and pointed and waived at people they knew and clapped loudly. At the end of the play they call out ticket numbers for door prizes - I won the very first one!  A ten dollar bill - I promptly turned to my dad and handed it to him to pay for the tickets.

It was fun to watch- and priceless to hear my dad laugh beside me.

Out on the town wasn't fancy at all.  But it was so good!

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