Saturday, March 16, 2013

the Mag guys

I have the privilege of working with 4 amazing guys at Crossroads.  They make up the Creative Arts team at Crossroads better known as the Magnification staff.

Dan Fleming, one of our worship guys,  was the first staff member hired after Pastor Tim started the church.   Dan had Tim as a student at one time and they often joke about old times in the classroom.   Dan came to Crossroads from a long history of working with award winning school choirs!  He traveled extensively with choirs all over the county and into Canada - winning awards everywhere they went.  He is a fabulous vocal coach, superb pianist and an even better spiritual mentor.  His attention to detail and organization of our teams is a huge part of Crossroads' excellence.  He is a faithful, dependable very talented staff member.  And he is my friend.

Steve Browning is our fearless 'all things technical' leader.  Steve oversees the creation of all videos, all lighting, everything you see on our screens including the Environmental Projection that helps set the mood for our services.  He's involved in all the behind the scenes technical aspects of the ministry including assisting with the website and IT issues when needed.  When there is a job to be done I never have to worry if it will be completed.  Steve is one of the most dependable people I've ever met and his work is a key part of what sets Crossroads apart!  And he is my friend.

Milo Sgambellone, is one of our worship guys.  Milo is one of the most talented guitarists I've ever known and his voice is amazing too.  He has an impressive history of performance and has become a great worship leader.  His ability also spills over into recording - the recent Crossroads original CD project had Milo at the helm, organizing, writing and mixing the CD.  He has worked tirelessly to develop our youth group's musicians and vocalist insuring that the next generation is connected to the church.  He currently is helping to organize the worship at our multi-sites.  And he is my friend.

Arnie Clawson is the newest member of our team.  He was hired in December to oversee the Audio needs of our ministry.  For the first time in 15 years we have consistent sound in our weekend services.  An answer to prayer! Arnie brings tremendous talent to our team with an ability to not only set the stage for our bands and prepare the sound, but has extensive ability in video, IT and website related needs to name a few- basically a jack of all trades.  He has actually been a part of Crossroads forever and formerly played bass on the praise team!  We needed him desperately and are thankful for him!  And he's my friend.

These men help make Crossroads excellent and to run smoothly.  They help people use their God-given talents to build the Kingdom....I love them all and never want to work without them..I am a very fortunate girl that they are my friends and that I get to be part of this amazing team!  And my prayer for us is - that God would grant us the honor of being a part of Crossroads together until we no longer work!


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