Thursday, March 28, 2013

life is precious

As I read Michael Sparks obituary this morning, it was a description of a Godly man who lived for Christ but at age 43, God decided He needed him in heaven.

That's tough to understand when it seemed that Michael was so needed down here, our understanding is so limited.

Today I am with my dad down in Columbus as he has a heart procedure.  Imagine that, looking into the human heart...amazing.

If God chooses it can be a fairly simple procedure solved with stents and he'll be home for Easter.

But it sure makes you look at the incredibly short time we all have here.  A time during which if we follow the Lord carefully, obediently we can be used to affect eternity.  If we live for gain, if we abide in our own strength and goals then it's all a waste.  No amount of money, or status, or beautiful homes, or exotic vacations, or fancy job mean ANYTHING outside of His will mean nothing.

Obviously God places some of us in extraordinary positions of influence, those people have been given the ability to influence and help others.

My dad has lived one of the most consistent lives I've ever watched.  Never straying from God, never straying from our family, never straying from hard work.  He still cuts hair and visits with customers 4 out of 5 days a week in Ashland.  He also sits at a cousins chain-saw business where he talks to everyone and catches up on what's going 1 time each week.  In the midst of heart issues he's selling and moving away from his home of 46 years to move into a condo in town where everything is on one level and they are closer to everything they need.  On paper it looks logical, but it doesn't make it easy.  I am proud of them for taking steps to make the future easier on them!

Love those around you and hold them a little closer today.  And make sure you use this day for eternity not for the temporary.

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