Tuesday, March 5, 2013

what i learned today

As I had a time of devotions this morning - this sentence really stuck out to me, probably because I become bored so easily!

A close walk with Christ is a life of continuous newness.

Nothing else in this world can offer that, nothing!  Everything else stays the same, becomes boring, becomes not enough anymore.  Worldly things give such temporary fulfillment - it's off to the next thing every day.  It takes more and more to satisfy and never ends.

Abiding in Christ is the constant that offers fulfillment, a place to be new every day.  Notice the sentence says 'a close walk with Christ' is required.  There is work and dedication required to discover all He offers us.  It's not a 'works' deal - don't misunderstand!  It's seeking an intimate relationship with Him - that's why He often compares our relationship to that of a bride and groom.  That's what I want from Him...to be intimately connected to Him.  He holds my life in His hand, yet He gives me the choice whether I partake in all He offers me or remain satisfied in a undeveloped relationship.  If I don't follow Him, obey Him and pursue Him I can still be safe in Him - but I never live experiencing the complete fulfillment and newness He offers.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD... JEREMIAH 29 : 11a

God created each of us.  If we are really, really His, then we shouldn't have a care in the world beyond obedience and using the talents He's given us in our work and with our families and communities.  He knows the plans.  I am tired of making my own plans - I only long to follow His...  To be new in Him.

He is the only one infinite enough to offer continuous newness.  Do you long to be new?

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